Google Android users have been watching for the modern version of the cellular running gadget to drop for some months, however they could sooner or later have a set launch date for Android O. thru Twitter, VentureBeat’s Evan Blass stated Saturday Android O is slated to pop out later this month.

whilst Google has but to verify a difficult release date for Android O, the information also strains up with previous hypothesis about the running system’s release date. remaining week, Android Police’s David Ruddock had a chain of tweets on Android O and its release details. Ruddock to start with said that Google might deliver a complete call for Android O on Aug. 21. On Twitter Friday, Ruddock also followed up with a slated Aug. 21 launch date for Android O.

Google has been further tight-lipped about the reputable call for Android O. however, rumors have widely stated that the working system can be named Oreo, which follows beyond Android names about candy or chocolates. Plus, there’s additional precedent for naming Android iterations after brand-name sweet. For 2013’s Android four.four KitKat, Google hammered out an settlement with KitKat discern employer Nestlé.

the search giant to start with introduced Android O at its Google I/O developers conference in advance this year. The replace will include a collection of recent updates for Google Android users, together with photograph-in-picture playback, improved overall performance and new emojis. in the interim, there’s been little confirmation on if the sun eclipse will tie into Google’s Android O release in any respect — most rumors have started and stopped on Oreos and the sun each being spherical — however hypothesis approximately Android O being named Oreo was additionally hinted at in a February 2017 tweet from Google govt Hiroshi Lockheimer

Google and Levi’s Tucker Jacket Lets you answer calls, use maps and more.

Over a year after Google showed off its “connected” jean jacket designed for bike commuters at last year’s Google I/O developer conference, the company today is unveiling the final product, which goes on sale on Wednesday for $350. Designed in partnership with Levi’s,...
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Google and Blizzard invite you to train AI with ‘StarCraft II’

The bundle includes a pair of kits up on GitHub: first, Blizzard's machine learning API, which has Linux tools for the first time, and then an open source version of the DeepMind toolset called PySC2. Blizzard also provided some extra goodies, like a dataset of...
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How to Trace Your Smartphone lost or stolen?

Both Android and iOS feature very useful tools that allow you to quickly locate your smartphone if it gets lost or stolen. Even if you are unable to recover the phone, you can still remotely lock it and wipe all your data. The first step is to make sure that your...
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Nvidia GTX 1080 Mini Series

NVIDIA has been shrinking gaming laptops with its Max-Q graphics initiative, but what about laptop users who need high-quit photographs in a discreet, transportable case? Gigabyte has give you the GeForce GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8G, an unwieldy call for the arena's smallest...
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Complete Way How To Take A Screenshoot On An Iphone X

Since the iPhone X has ditched Touch ID in exchange for Face ID, the process of taking screenshots is a little different than with previous iPhones. While it might take a little to get used to at first, you’ll have it down in no time. With iOS 11, you can also do even...
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Apple’s Maps icon changed to show its new spaceship campus

Apple has been making all sorts of tiny changes to its app icons in the iOS 11 beta. And today, it made two of the most interesting changes yet: one to Maps, and one to the App Store. The Maps change is a bit more fun (you can see the difference above via iCulture)....
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10 Inventions Drone by Kickstarter 2017

PowerUp FPV POWERUP Toys lets you expand your sense of play and experimentation by adding power, mobile controls and video streaming to the familiar paper airplanes. POWERUP Toys lets consumers of all ages expand their sense of play and experimentation by adding power...
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Samsung inexplicably opens up its Android browser

Samsung has announced that the new version of its browser, Samsung Internet, can be used on any relatively new Android phone, which is good news if you're bored of existing mobile browsers that already do the job perfectly well. The Korean tech giant made its software...
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Facebook discontinues Groups app, but says it still loves Groups

Facebook's Group app is almost no more. The company announced yesterday that iOS and Android users will no longer be able to log in after September 1st. Instead, they'll have to use the Groups feature on the Facebook mobile app or in their browser. This is slightly...
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Instagram Hackers are Selling Phone Numbers and Email

nstagram alerted verified users earlier this week about a security flaw that could give hackers access to their personal information. It told the users that it had fixed the issue. But it appears the bug was exploited before Instagram's fix, and affected more than the...
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