The bustling game titled Cuphead suddenly appears on iOS. But do not be happy, this is a scam or a hoax.

TouchArcade reports that the iOS version of Cuphead Game has been published today, on AppStore. This game comes with a very convincing screenshoot like the original game, and register as the original developer StudioMDHR Cuphead. But with the supported link “” not the actual site of StudioMDHR. If you buy this game then you will see the name of the studio to StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc

The site “” is registered under the name Walter Gregor, and this name is not registered as a StudioMDHR employee, and appears to live in the city of “Wasinghton, Wasinghton.”

Strange, if Developer StudioMDHR seccara secretly solve exclusivity with Microsoft, especially a few months after this game release. It’s not surprising if someone is trying to make a duplicate or decoy game for a platform like iOS. But the surprise is that this game can get away from the process of filing in Apple AppStore which is usually difficult. Indeed Cuphead Game, is one of the most awaited gamers game this year. The tagline of this game is “Do not deal with Satan”, it’s pretty scary but Apple seems to ignore this message.


Update 9:50 ET: Apple has withdraw its app; we have an archive version of the App Store page in the archive. Apple does not immediately reply to requests for more details about submission, or whether buyer’s money will be returned automatically.

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