The teaser video shows off plenty of vague buzzwords, but it also centers around the S-Pen stylus, the Galaxy Note series’ defining feature. A blue animation of the S Pen, flies in from the left to cross out concepts like “big” and point to a more ambitious concept, like “bigger.” So, “step” becomes “leap” and “think” becomes “do.” At the end, Samsung calls out the August 23 Unpacked event in New York and supplies a hashtag: #DoWhatYouCant.

There’s no doubt that the Note 8 is an important phone. Not only is it Samsung’s most premium phone for power users, but it could also help determine the fate of the Note line. Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was recalled twice after faulty batteries caused the phone to catch on fire. Now Samsung has to use the Note 8 to prove that its phones are safe and that it can make top-tier phones are ready to face the of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8 and LG’s premium V30. Google is also expected to unveil the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

The Note 8 is rumored to get premium features like dual-rear cameras, a 6.4 (or 6.3)-inch display, and now dual-SIM compatibility. One Samsung-watching blog reported a dual-SIM Note 8 in Samsung Austria’s support page. The report claims that the Note may house a SIM/microSD tray that can hold a SIM card and microSD or two SIM cards, giving you the option of expandable storage or an extra SIM.

The rumor also suggests that the Note 8 will get a European launch, which would be a welcome change after the Note 5never made it to Europe, and the Note 7’s European release was cut short by the recall.

credit : cnet

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