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This is one of those stories which are bound to bring tears to your eyes. What started out as a simple request by a mother for her differently-abled boy’s birthday became something so absolutely amazing! It’s an epitome of how, despite all the bad things, so much good’s left in the world!

Kim Davis-Robinette is the mother of Mathew. Mathew had his 21st birthday coming up. The family lives in Anderson, Indiana. Mathew sadly suffers from a couple of disabilities, including autism and cerebral palsy. Consequently, a lot of pleasures of life which people of his age can enjoy, he can’t. He loves loud noises and sirens though. And for his birthday, her mother thought of just the right present.


Kim put a status on her Facebook account asking for her friends on the site to drive by their house and just honk for her son’s birthday. The post was shared only with her Facebook friends. Subsequently, one of her friends asked her to make the post public, so he could share it. The post soon went viral, and that made something great happen.


Not only did Kim’s friends show, up but 100 odd bikers, several motorists, even the Police and Fire Departments, and several other people showed up. Mathew was greeted by a whole parade in his honor! It was a good one-and-a-half hour cavalcade. The parade had a good dose of screaming sirens and revving engines! Mathew absolutely loved it. He constantly kept smiling, and would sometimes yell with happiness when something louder than usual passed. Michael Alley also took part in the parade, driving his race car covered with puzzle pieces, a sign of autism awareness!

Kim Davis

Gang of Biker

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