Lucas The Most Adorable Spider

Even if you hate spiders, you will love this one. Joshua Slice has put together a short animation and asked his nephew Lucas to do the voice acting. The quirky result turned out to be great, and we’re hoping Pixar turns it into a feature film. This is an animation test of a character I’ve been working on,” Slice writes. “I’m responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering.” Scroll down to check out the adorable video, and if it still won’t cure your Arachnophobia, have a look at these tiny paws some of these creatures have....

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Can You Believe “India Award for Burning Elephant Photo”

An image of two elephants fleeing a mob that set them on fire has won top entry in a wildlife photography competition. (Warning: The full version of this image is below – some may find it distressing.) Biplab Hazra’s picture shows a calf on fire as it and an adult elephant run for their lives in eastern India. Announcing the award, Sanctuary magazine said “this sort of humiliation… is routine”. The photo was taken in West Bengal, where human-elephant conflict is rife. It’s unclear what eventually happened to the two elephants in the award-winning picture, which was taken in...

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Edmonton Attacks News Update

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht did not release the 30-year-old suspect, but CTV News has confirmed that Abdulahi Sharif. Investigators will update their investigation today in a weekend raid that left a Edmonton man stabbed and four injured when hit by a rented truck self from the police. Police say terrorism and attempted murder charges are pending against suspects, who have not yet given an official name. The 30-year-old is a Somali refugee who has been investigated for allegedly supporting extremism. RCMP’s assistant commissioner Marlin Degrand said on Sunday that the suspect was thoroughly checked in 2015 after police...

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North Korea Throws a Party Instead of Launching a Missile

North Korea marked its government’s 69th anniversary not with another missile test, as many had feared, but with a gala party for the scientists involved in carrying out the country’s most powerful nuclear test yet last week, the state-run news media reported on Sunday. The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, celebrated the national holiday on Saturday by bringing his nuclear scientists and engineers to Pyongyang, the capital, and holding a banquet. On their way from the country’s underground nuclear test site in northeast North Korea to Pyongyang, the technicians had been cheered by people who poured out to see them...

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Russian Cannibal Couple Ate 30 People And Served Victim’s Head On Platter

Police have found body parts including meat and skin throughout the house in southern Russia.Pictures issued by prosecutors, too gruesome to publish, show someone’s head on a platter surrounded by oranges. Another shows a suspect with someone’s severed hand in their mouth. A third picture shows body parts inside a jar where they were being preserved in some kind of liquid. Dmitry Bakshaev, 35, is one of the people identified as being involved and he is said to have told police he started eating humans in 1999 – the year the head on a platter picture was taken. His...

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