Flying is an uncomfortable experience for some people. Therefore we have some simple tips that can make your trip a bit more comfortable.

Choose the right aircraft

We all see the time of flight and price, but have you ever considered the manufacture and model of the aircraft? If not, maybe we should. If you are susceptible to altitude sickness while flying, buy a seat on Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A350. The cabin on this plane is pressurized about 2,000 feet lower than other commercial aircraft. You will find that you breathe easier and sleep more soundly on long flights. The interior of this aircraft is also more humid so that the channels and eyes of your nose, if you wear contacts, will be more comfortable.

Center yourself

If you’re prone to air sickness, try to get a seat over the wings. It’s like sitting on the fulcrum of a seesaw: There’s less motion up and down.

Plug ‘em up

Wear ear plugs, and not just when you’re trying to sleep. You may not realize how loud the engines are because the sound comes off as background noise, but according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the sound is typically around 85 decibels (dB) at cruising and can reach 120 dB at takeoff and landing. The sound could affect your sleep, or unknowingly cause stress. If the sound really bothers you, pick a seat in front of the wings, which tends to be a little quieter.

Shut it out

Eye shades are great for sleeping, especially as seat mates may have the glowing screens of their phones, laptops or seat-back TVs turned on during the flight. Pro tip: Eye shades also do the trick for avoiding a talkative seatmate.

No drinks onboard

Hate to kill the fun, but you should avoid drinking alcohol too. Sure, it may ease your nerves, but flying already makes you dehydrated and alcohol only exacerbates the problem. Save the booze for a toast upon your arrival.

Monitor screen time

Finally, limit (or even go without) screen time. The blue screens and light can impact your sleep. Instead, kick it old school with a good book. Or, better yet, a boring one if shuteye is your goal.

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